Video Game lovers are very excited about the Launch of FIFA 19. It is one of the best ever editions launched. With multiple corrections and more efforts to improve the responsiveness of the players. Now you will get more natural experience while playing the game. This is one of the best playing FIFA’s in a long time, and certainly the most realistic football game. If you play FIFA and want to own it then you can easily buy the latest versions. Try any major ecommerce stores in the country. Game now has a official branding and specific commentators. Best is the authentic atmospheres.  adding to the feel of this being club football’s biggest event.

Let’s have the look on some of the features of the games which I personally felt while getting my hands on the game:-

Shooting – Shooting in the FIFA 19 is much better than the FIFA 18. While shooting the ball in this version you can feel more power and better controls then the previous versions. I personally have a very good experience and felt the natural experience which was missing from the previous versions of FIFA 19. Each shot type, each angle, feels viable, and none feel overpowered. However, the AI, on higher difficulty levels, does seem capable of the extraordinary way too often.

Dribbling – Dribbling has not improved much but it still generates some magical moments during the game. With better interface and continues to feel tight, fluid, and enables players to express flair and magical moments. EA should consider improving this part more but provided that this is just a simulation we can settle with good rating for the Dribbling part also.

GoalKeeper – Goalkeeper which was one of the main concern in the previous versions as we had often experiences that goalkeeper often get over/under power is balanced now but still when it comes to Crosses they often fail to trace them. There is a problem with the interception of passes too and this part is really rooms which need improvement.

Passes – This was also one of the major things which were struggling for the improvements in earlier versions. In FIFA 19 the passes seem to more real now and here is improvement in the responsiveness also now the players response to the passes, dribbling in more better way that FIFA 17 AND 18 Version. But the worst part of the FIFA is corners which still in very bad shape. While taking corners you will not get good experience as you are getting while playing other parts of the field.

The Best Part

Implementation of the newly-acquired Champions League and Europa League licenses is excellent. Now you can take part in these events also and can give a new height of football vedio gaming. If you are looking to buy the latest FIFA 19 game then you can visit any of the major online ecommerce stores of the country such as Souq, Menakart and other. Buying this latest Version of FIFA online will definitely help you to save some money and do not forget to use the latest coupons of the online store from where you are buying this game.